About Us

We believe that controlling NPA can happen only by wise funding which should include wise selection of quality customers based on his financial strength , his genuineness , profitability, need of the loan, its end use, transparency of the loan consultancy with all the promoters and then family members wherever necessary.

Also the funding structure should match the end use of the loan obtained for. The structure of the loan should be that the loan amount is safe in the entity and the loan travels as per the end use plan and that it generates the intended profits and comes back to be paid. Else otherwise the intended loan may be misused if not collected after its original purpose is served. Similarly pulling back a loan without providing the natural time it is required to complete the purpose will also damage the financial position and stability of the business entity.

Our NBFC solves the genuine business entities dire situation wherein they are pushed into the traps /hands of private loan sharks without much awareness of its aftermath. The traditional banking system is not feasible by effort of time, man labor, operational cost, efficacy in genuinely assessment etc… especially in the desperate needy case of short time bridge loan in certain business situations. There is a lot of untapped opportunity where the banks traditional /conventional attitude fail but a fetch model NBFC excels thereby helping a needy business entity in its desperate financial need and saving it from the hands of any loan sharks who may ruin the future of the business entity otherwise.

The market here we are anticipating is Tamil Nadu and Kerala is quite big as these states are privileged with aspiring business heads who are educated, enthusiastic and creative, these leaders are able to assemble a vibrant work force to establish a concern that can import/manufacture, distribute, trade and export profitability. These entities are who will be supported by the Banking institutions regionally, but at certain emergencies stop gap bridge loans are needed to lubricate its enthusiastic energy growth. That’s where we scale an opportunity to lend our helping hand.